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Welcome to the Pregnancy Resource Center website for women who maybe pregnant or are pregnant and looking for options.  The center provides counseling and medical care for women, of all ages, who are in the process of making decisions and finding solutions about unplanned pregnancies which could include counseling of family members, partners and other loved ones.

We have been serving the young women of Colorado for the last *** years.  The services we provide are free of charge.  Our focus to our clients (women of all ages and means) is to provide the quality care and answers to your difficult and immediate questions.

While we focus on your needs we also understand your immediate requirements both long and short term.  We are here to provide answers to all of your questions and provide you with unbiased and truthful answers.

Here are some of the types of services the Pregnancy Resource Center provides:

  • Pregnancy and Abortion medically reliable information
  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Pregnancy Verification
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Abortion Counseling
  • Pregnancy Counseling
  • Post Abortion and Pregnancy Loss
  • Prenatal Care
  • Contraception
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Adoption as an option
  • Counseling for boyfriends/husbands and the immediate family
  • Teen pregnancy and abortion issues
  • and most important non-judgmental support

In today’s ever changing world finding answers to questions is getting tougher.  At our centers in Colorado we try and provide the most up to the date information on your pregnancy and what you can do now, if undecided or confused.

We pride our self in providing pregnancy services that help if you are scared, unsure or undecided about what you should be doing about your pregnancy.  Lots of things come into play like talking with your boyfriend, husband and even your family.

By visiting one of our centers and talking to one of our counselor’s one on one you will feel the stress of being pregnant lifted off your shoulders with the information we provide.  All our counseling remains strictly confidential and you can trust we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.

Rifle and Glenwood Springs Pregnancy Counseling

The Pregnancy Resource Center provides personal services for area residents that need answers and or options regarding their pregnancy (unwanted or planned).

All of our staff members are highly trained to deal with pregnancy and how it might affect you and your family.  They have spent years learning how to deal with women just like you.  Many are mothers so they understand your needs, wants and exactly what you are going through.

There is no reason to be afraid or scared as pregnancy is a natural part of life.  We know and understand what to expect when you are expecting and how to cope and deal with the many things that come into play.

While no two women and their pregnancy are alike our vast knowledge base will be available for you to use and make your own decisions on the direction you want to take.

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