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Client Satisfaction

“This was good! There’s good vibes here.”

“Thank you for making me feel so special.”

“I like that all my questions were answered. I like that they offer all the resources to me being a new mom with lots of questions. I would come back any time!”

“I came here to find out about adoption. She was very, very helpful. My partner and I were there for a couple of hours getting to know each other and learning so much.” “During the pregnancy and after the baby everyone here has been very supportive.”

“They helped me with ultrasound and they are really nice to me.”

“After I talked to you (PRC) I felt “There is a hope” I know the PRC will do it’s best to help me.”

“When I was going through stress at home I would call them (PRC) u panicking and they would just talk to me and relax me.”

“They helped me with all I needed for clothes and blankets and everything.”

“I’m really happy they are here helping us.”

“Everything was together and then everything fell apart; then everything was together and everything fell apart again.” I was homeless and thought I was going to lose my kids. Then all of a sudden I felt lifted up and people were helping me. People I can trust and care about.”

“With an open adoption I do get to share it. Just watching this couple with him is so rewarding!”

“Some people say; “When you become a mom you also become strong. I think that’s true; you are stronger than before.”

“From parent to aren’t I highly recommend checking out the Pregnancy Resource Center. The staff is amazing and super friendly and wonderful with my children every time I come in.”

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